Ephnic Video Converter for Mac V1.1.0

User Reviews of Ephnic Video Converter for Mac

Simple yet useful. Linda | It is simple enough to operate that a stone cold beginner can do perfect conversions with only a few clicks. The results are always high quality, the conversion time is above average and input/output choices include all common video formats.

Perfect for converting videos for iPad. William | This program works great. I was looking for a good program to convert my videos into an iPad format, and this app did the job well. It converted both AVI and WMV file perfectly into MP4 file that was able to be played on my iPad.

Great piece of software. Joe | I have been trying to fix a problem with one of my videos for days and this program solved my problem within minutes. I’ve used it to convert several videos tonight and in each case it produced flawless results.

Fantastic program. Chris | This piece of software is fantastic. I’ve converted couples of videos for my iPhone that I can watch on my flight to Paris. The video quality is the best out of other similar video converters I’ve used. Thumbs up.

Satisfied with the results. Alex | I’m very impressed by the speed. The quality of the video is very good on the full screen. Very Cool!

Terrific! Terry | The videos I captured with my camcorder were too large to upload to Facebook. I used Ephnic Video Converter for Mac to convert all of them for Facebook without any problems. Terrific!

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