How to make a movie on Mac

If you want to get out there and start making movies, it can be challenging to know where to start. For beginners in movie making, you'll get a problem that there are lots of movie making software for Mac.

After searching Movie Maker for Mac with google, you'll find a budget movie making software Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac which gives beginners an easy way to make home movies with their favourite photos, videos and songs. For people who have never tried making a movie in their whole life before, it's a good idea for them to download the free trial of Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac and try it for free.

Download Movie Maker software for Mac
Download movie making software for Mac for free

Step 1: Add your favourite media contents into Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac

After installing Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac, launch it and simply drag-n-drag as many photos and videos as you want to timeline. This movie making software is very easy to use. You won't miss any features from its intuitive user interface. You are able to add multiple files at the same time. You may customize the effects as you like later, which have been pre-set automatically by default.
Add photos & videos in Movie Maker Software for Mac

Step 2: Set the effects for making movies on Mac

There are two kinds of effects: theme and transition. Transition is the effect between two slides showing how the next slide replace the current one, which is mostly used to join two slides. Theme effect is made with a mixture of some transitions & ken-burns effect which is usually used to join 7 or more slides.
Set transitions in Movie Making Software for Mac

Step 3: Add beautiful songs and subtitles for making movies on Mac

Drag-n-drop your favourite songs to match your movie as background music. If you’d like to add some subtitles for your home movies, just choose from nearly 50 kinds of subtitles and apply it to your movie.
Add background music in Movie Maker Software on Mac

Step 4: Publish your home movies on Mac

To see how your movie looks like, you may preview it before publishing. If you feel satisfied with your movie, you can choose to export movies to local disk, upload to YouTube/Facebook or export to iTunes.
Publish movies in Movie Making Software on Mac

Download Movie Making Software for Mac for free trial! Or get it online now!

Version: 2.3.2 Only $29.99
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