Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac V2.3.2

User Reviews of Ephnic Movie Maker for Mac

Fantastic and fun! Ivan | This software help me as much as I want. I start my business with it and now I am the only one person in my street who create the best home movies. Really I am the most popular in my area.

Thanks for your good application. Edward | I don’t normally write reviews on programs even though I had some good ones. But I really like this one. It has so many simple features that work well. Thanks.

You guys are so great! Ted | I bought this after using the free trial version. I've made some home movies and uploaded to YouTube for sharing with my family and friends. They all like it.

Thumb up! Ronald | This application is made for someone like me who don't know much about the skills. It's really easy to use and it does make nice home movies!

A sensible home movie maker. Jeffery | It might not have such a large choice of effects as some others but it is a lot simpler to use and at least it isn't full of bloatware and it does the job on an average computer without crashing so I think it deserves 4 stars.

Very powerful. Cindy | Very powerful home movie maker! Actually it's the best I've ever tried! I've recommended it to some friends and will still recommend it to others.

Cool software. Sarah | I've been using this application for a while. It's a nice application for me. I made couples of home movies for friends & family. Everyone Loves it.

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